Family Artifact – Super Mario Egg Cup, 1990s


Artifacts and heirlooms can sometimes be an insignificant ‘every-day’ item, and not always valuable jewellery or special ceramics.  Here is such an instance.

Although not particularly old, this Super Mario egg cup has an interesting history (provenance) of its own….. it is well-traveled too!

Originally purchased by my younger sister, Lesley K (George) Johnson (1959-2001), for her children, the Johnson family of Portchester, Hampshire, England, this was one of several held in her kitchen cupboard in the late 1990s.

Following my move to Canada, bringing only essential possessions, I discovered I couldn’t find an egg cup in the local shops at that time! When visiting with my sister, she kindly shared one of two from her collection, selecting items she felt my young son might enjoy.  This is one of them.

Recently my grown nephew, his wife and teenage children visited us in Canada – the family still enjoy a keen interest for comic-style cartoons…. the egg cup has therefore returned with them to England.  A family keepsake, the Johnson’s will again enjoy!

This Super Mario Bros (TM) egg cup circa 1992 originally came in an Easter egg box with chocolate egg and sweets.  The Super Mario Bros (TM) game (1989) on NES – Ninendo Entertainment System was popular in the 1990s and still has a strong following.

This egg cup was part of a broader collection which included: Garfield, Postman Pat, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Magic Roundabout and The Fimbles. Image from the Internet shown below.