Archival-Style Supplies

Each Fall I seem to have a run of bookings for talks and hands-on workshops at various organizations. This blog is in response to questions asked at recent events!

How to achieve museum-style archival wrapping with affordable supplies purchased locally.

You may wish to wrap items with:

  • Card folder, taped at who sides
  • Card book cover, closed with Velcro button
  • Encapsulated Mylar sleeve, closed on three sizes with double-sided tape
  • Photograph sleeves and albums
  • Tubes to roll textiles
  • Bankers boxes
  • Acid free file folders, sleeves, envelopes
  • Tissue papers

Acid free card/art paper – Michael’s, Curry’s, Maggiolly Art in Orangeville.

Strathmore art paper series 500 is best, but series 300 acceptable and acid free.

Artist tape (to close the sides of a folder), made by Artist’s Loft, a non-staining and PH neutral tape….  spotted at Michael’s.

Normal poster tubes and coat hangers can be used for textiles, they need to be wrapped and covered with acid free tissue or white unbleached cotton. Covers in similar fabric.

Photograph albums and sleeves marked PHP neutral, lignin and PVC free are available at Michael’s.

** A note of caution from my Museum colleagues.  When purchasing albums and paper in stores, you will see many are made in China. Although marked as PVC free etc., be mindful to keep an eye on the plastic over time, if it yellows it will need to be replaced, as it may have degraded and off-gas. Not all is, as it seems in this modern world. **

Pigment pens can be found in art stores. They are permanent archival ink, use with caution, but the ink will not permeate to through to objects.

Storage boxes are best from Carr McLean, various sizes and types. Some are buffered (for extra protection, and use with wool items  etc)

Archival quality file folders, tissues, PHP testing pens, and envelopes are also best from museum suppliers, Carr McLean, Brodart, Currys etc. Have fun searching on the archival sections of these websites.

As mentioned in a previous blog, I discovered Mylar map protectors to use for encapsulating at Carr McLean. A perfect weight and size.

So, use everything with care….  no ink, sticky, or cutting near the artifacts please!